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Why basis ?

  • because it’s a very advanced software platform solution developed following the most modern information technologies. Its modular structure enables its full customization to the point that each installation can be easily tailored so as to be adapted to different employ solutions
  • because it can be installed in any PC which supports Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Linux Operating Systems with no need of powerful computing capacity and with no need of Third Party Software to function
  • because it’s been developed thinking to the End-User. From the professional security installer, to the Central Monitoring Stations: each of them will have at full disposal exactly what ‘s desired
  • because it is self-updated. After the first installation it links automatically to our Updating-Center and verifies periodically the availability of new software data. No more patch, service pack and need of boring installations!
  • because it facilitates the programming of all Ksenia devices and allow them to be controlled in real time
  • because is distributed under a free license, only for Security Installers. Just download it now for free !